It’s a bit of a secret to say, but Daniel Gordo, the rapper behind the most popular hip hop albums of all time, was a big hip hop fan, and he would love to keep that obsession alive.

According to his friend Michael “Kriss” McDaniel, the 20-year-old hip hop artist has already begun a plan to give back to the community in order to be inducted into the Compton Hip Hop Hall of Fame.

“I love hip hop, and I want to give hip hop back,” Gordo told TalkSport in an exclusive interview.

“A lot of people don’t understand that the people who make it, the artists, the producers and the producers are the ones that actually do the music, so they don’t need to make the money, they don, they’re the ones who actually put the music out there.”

It’s like that, it’s about the people, it doesn’t need anything but the fans, the music and the art that it’s got.

“Gordo’s brother, DJ KRS-One, told TalkSports that Gordo was one of the first people who got into hip hop.”

Dylan’s a big advocate of giving back, he’s always been a supporter of charities,” DJ Krs-One said.”

He’s always told us, ‘I don’t want any money, I want it to be about the music’.

“It doesn’t have to be anything, but that’s what we’re trying to do, that’s the direction we’re going, and hopefully it works out.”

In the meantime, Gordo’s plans for his career are already looking promising.

The former member of Compton’s The Alchemist will be inducting into the National Hip Hop Awards in February next year, and will be presenting the award to his cousin Daniel Gordys hip hop idols.

“The award is going to go to some of my favourite rappers, and it’s a very special moment, but the biggest award is gonna go to Daniel Gordes hip hop idol,” DJ McKens said. 

“I’m really excited about it, I’m gonna give it to Daniel’s mother, who is a very good friend, and my sister who’s a hip hop expert, so we’re gonna make that moment special.”

While it’s not his intention to enter the Hip Hop Legends Hall of fame, he would like to be honoured with the prestigious award as well.

“That’s always something I’m really looking forward to, it would be great to be nominated, and maybe even win the award,” he said.

“That would be really cool.”

While Daniel Gordos hip hop career is already in its early stages, it looks like his plans for a new music career are on track.

“When I think about the time that I was starting to put music out, I remember my first record was called The Way Things Are, which was a very, very good album, but then when I got into my solo career, I think that album was called Diamonds,” he explained.

“And that album has become the biggest selling album of all-time, and then I think in my 20 years of doing music, I’ve been able to do a bunch of other great albums.”

If I get nominated, I would love it.

I would definitely love to win.

“Listen to our exclusive interview with Daniel Gordoz to hear how his new music could be inspired by his favorite hip hop artists.