The hip hop music industry has been known to offer some pretty unique deals for fans and bands, but the one that fans of The Weeknd have been clamouring for is one that allows them to make a real return for their investment.

The Weeknd has been one of the most popular hip hop artists of recent years, and since his debut album “Starboy” was released in 2014, he’s been able to earn money through streaming and sales of merchandise.

But, while he’s always been a savvy businessman, fans were really hoping to get some real cash back from the band when their hard-earned money was stolen.

It was in the mid-90s, and a couple of months after his debut, he was arrested for stealing a friend’s money.

The rapper was arrested in front of the rapper’s hometown in Alabama, and the court was told that he was trying to cash in on the fame that the song had garnered.

“He was trying not to pay the $30,000 bail bond,” a police report from the time read.

“There was a warrant out for his arrest, and he wanted to buy a house with the money he had stolen.”

The court was also told that the rapper was attempting to make cash payments to friends, but only in person at the time.

“I wanted to be able to make my payment in person,” he told the court.

“It was a little weird, because it was at a convenience store, and it didn’t have a credit card on it.”

But I did get a check in the mail.

I went out and bought a bunch of stuff and I was happy.

I did a bunch more business.

“But things weren’t looking good for the rapper.

The court was still interested in his finances and decided to send him to jail.

And so, the rapper and his lawyer decided to file a petition to have the case dismissed.”

We tried to fight the case for years, but we couldn’t get the court to give us anything,” said the lawyer.”

They said, ‘Oh, we can’t do anything about it.’

“So we filed the petition and we had to fight it until the Supreme Court intervened.”

He eventually won the case, but it took another year of legal wrangling before he got his money back.

So, why was he so adamant about making it right?

“It’s a real, genuine business.

I can’t say anything else about it.

I don’t know how anyone could do it.””

But, it’s a good story.”

So how did The Weekendod get his money?

Well, after years of fighting, The Weekends got their money back after a deal was struck between them and the band.

According to the lawsuit, the lawsuit was settled in January of 2017.

“On the morning of February 20, 2017, Mr. Weekendode, his counsel, and Mr. Tyler, the sole defendant, entered into a settlement agreement,” the lawsuit read.

“Under the terms of the settlement, Mr Tyler would be compensated for all monetary losses caused by Mr. Weeks’ criminal actions, including but not limited to loss of earnings, loss of personal property, loss and impairment of his business, and all other damages resulting from Mr. weekendode’s wrongful arrest and prosecution.”

According to The Weekenders lawyer, that means the rapper would receive $12,000 from the deal, and $4,500 from the court, but he was never paid for the lost earnings.

In addition to getting their money, the Weekends also got a brand new tattoo on their neck.

“This was done in honor of Mr. Weeklydode’s life of service and his dedication to helping others,” said The Weekies lawyer.

“The Weekends are forever indebted to the fans for their support.”

The Weekenddons lawyers said they will continue to fight against the court’s decision.

“In the end, Mr Weeks will be vindicated and Mr Weekendodes name will be changed to a permanent tattoo on his neck,” they said.