A woman who went to college wearing dresses and high heels has become a hit online.

The Huffington Post has dubbed her “the new fashion icon” after her YouTube video about wearing the outfit for a friend’s birthday.

“My favorite thing about being a girl is that I can wear pretty much anything, but I also can wear anything,” the woman in the video told HuffPost.

Her friend, who is not identified, said the girl’s outfit gave her confidence to do things differently in life.

“I feel like the world is a better place because I know that girls don’t have to look like they have to be girly, or like they need to be skinny,” the friend said.

“So, if you don’t want to look at yourself, that’s cool.”

In her videos, the girl dresses in a wide range of styles from black and white to black, pink and orange, and a white and black outfit.

Her YouTube channel, named “The Girl with the Perfect Dress,” has garnered nearly 4 million subscribers.