In August of this year, a lawsuit was filed in New York State Supreme Court against J. Crew, alleging that the retailer was illegally using the Sears tower to house its warehouse facilities.

The suit was filed by a group of New Yorkers who claim they have been unlawfully deprived of their homes because the Sears Building has been used as a Sears Tower warehouse. 

The lawsuit alleges that Sears has used the Sears building for its warehouse operations and that the tenants are in violation of the lease. 

“The defendants have unlawfully used and continue to use the Sears Towers for warehouse and warehouse operations,” states the complaint.

“They have failed to maintain adequate inventory to support the warehouse operations.” 

The complaint further alleges that “the defendants have used the warehouse and other warehouses in their warehouses to store goods that were not properly accounted for.” 

In its suit, the plaintiffs are seeking an injunction against Sears from using the warehouse, a declaratory judgment that requires the company to pay damages, injunctive relief and compensatory damages. 

While the suit is not a class action, it is one of several lawsuits that have been filed against the company in the past few years.

In 2015, a group called the Fair Housing Alliance filed a similar lawsuit against Sears. 

This lawsuit claims that Sears violated New York’s Fair Housing Act by denying its tenants housing, disability, and other protections under the law. 

In response to the lawsuit, Sears filed a motion to dismiss the suit and sought an injunction to prevent the suit from proceeding further. 

At the time, Sears was not involved in the lawsuit. 

But the suit did prompt another lawsuit against the retailer, which was filed last year in Manhattan federal court.

The complaint was filed on behalf of the New York City tenants. 

According to the suit, Sears and the tenants have been forced to move into separate, separate and dangerous buildings. 

Sears said in a statement to Business Insider that it had reached out to the tenants for clarification and will work to resolve the dispute in the coming months. 

What you need to know about the Sears lawsuit:The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for each of the plaintiffs, who are not named in the suit. 

It also alleges that the defendants “have not complied with their obligation under the lease agreement to maintain and preserve the warehouses to which the tenants will be relocated.”