Nursing homes are being overwhelmed with newborns.

The federal government has earmarked $2.8 million to expand its programs to meet the growing demand, but it’s not clear how many babies are being delivered at a time in a hospital setting.

As of July 31, only 2,822 babies were delivered at hospitals, down from 3,936 a year earlier, according to data from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Many of those deliveries have been at hospitals with low capacity, like Sunnybrook Health’s hospital in Vaughan, Ont., which has a capacity of 3,000 babies.

Sunnybrook said that it has had a record number of babies delivered this year.

“It’s a little disappointing that the hospitals have had to deal with that,” said Sunnybrook CEO Richard MacLellan.

“That’s the kind of demand that we’re experiencing.”

Sunnybrook is one of several Ontario hospitals that has recently experienced overcrowding and delays at hospitals.

The Royal College of Surgeons of Ontario has said it is seeing more cases in the hospitals and says more hospital beds are needed.

The Ontario Health Ministry said there has been an increase in cases of sepsis in Ontario hospitals, but that the increase is not due to overcrowding.

The government is also trying to address the problem by expanding the program called Pre-Nursing Nurses (PNN) to the province’s nursing homes.

The provincial government said there are about 700 of them in Ontario, and it is investing an additional $100 million to support the program, which will be expanded to nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Ontario by 2021.

Ontario’s government said that in the coming months, the province will also start a pilot project to introduce new types of nursing home beds, such as the ones that are used in nursing homes in the U.S. and Canada.