More than 100,000 products and over 70,000 brands are available for free online, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll sell on Etsy.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 10 affordable American jewelry brands to start with.1.

The Hanging Vine by Jessica H. Smith & Co. is a simple and chic, elegant gift for your loved ones.

It features a black floral-print neckline and is available in either a plain or sequined color.2.

Chrysalis by The Hanging Tree by The Chrysalis Collection is an elegant, contemporary necklace with a floral design and a metallic metal finish.3.

Luna’s Earrings by Lona’s Jewelry is a unique and elegant necklace made from a single piece of ivory, silver, gold, and silver-toned rose gold, featuring an exquisite silver-tone finish and an embroidered pearl design.4.

Dancing Queen by The Dancer Collection is a beautiful bracelet, made of silver and gold, that is available for $39.95 on Etsy with free shipping on orders over $50.5.

The Moon & The Sea by The Moon & the Sea Collection is made of white rose gold and silver with a gorgeous gold-tone sheen.6.

Dance by The Dancing Queen Collection is crafted from sterling silver, with a metallic gold-toning finish.7.

The Little Mermaid by The Little Mermaid Collection is designed with an elegant and intricate diamond and a rose gold-lined necklace.8.

Gingerbread Man by The Gingerbread Man Collection is also available for only $40.99 on Etsy and free shipping for orders over 100 items.9.

Darling Bride by The Darling Bride Collection is one of the most iconic pieces in American jewelry, and is also the perfect gift for a loved one.10.

Wanda by The Wanda Collection is the most expensive piece in the collection, with the highest prices per piece.