By Emily Rogers, Emily Rogers for TIME MagazineAs I sat on the porch of my Brooklyn apartment this past weekend, a light snow was falling on the street below.

This was my fourth winter, and my favorite part was being outside and seeing the snow.

I wanted to get outside, to make the city seem alive again, and the thought of spending an evening with friends, neighbors, and friends of friends made me cry.

As I looked at the empty sidewalks around me, the snow fell slowly, so it fell in a straight line, like an old friend, and no matter how many times I looked, I couldn’t see it.

I couldn, and then I realized that I was crying because of something.

I thought of a little girl who would cry every time I saw her picture, and she would cry so hard that she would be able to breathe, but then her mom would cry and she’d lose it.

When I thought about her mom, I thought, I don’t want her to be like that.

I don-t want her mom to be sad.

She’d have no friends to cry to.

I was like, no, no.

The way I see her is that she’s in love with her mother, and her mother is the best person for her.

So I thought to myself, if I want her back, I need to give her a little hug.

I took her arm and I held her and I said, you know what, I know you want it, I’ve been there, I’m ready to get it.

Then I took my arm and held her back.

My heart was racing, and I knew that this wasn’t a bad thing.

When my parents moved to New York, they gave me the first big gift of all: a beautiful, large icebox.

They had never had a large ice box in New York before, so they were a little nervous.

I didn’t know how to set it up, and they said, okay, we’ll try it, but you need to tell us exactly how to do it.

And I said okay.

They got me a large box, and it took me three tries before I figured it out.

I could open it and there was a little bit of a snowflake in there, and when I tried to put it in my mouth, it wasn’t moving.

So, I got really upset and went outside and looked at it.

So the next day I took it out of the box, opened it, and put my finger on the tip of the tip and it started moving.

The next day, I took another finger and pushed on it, which didn’t work.

So one of my parents said, we don’t need a box for your sister.

So we took a second one and put it inside the box.

Then we got another one.

We tried it out a few more times and it kept moving, so one day I got a third one.

I went outside again, opened the box and tried to open it.

But it didn’t move.

So this was my big surprise: the box is still in there.

It’s still here.

And the ice is still there.

I’m so happy that I got my sister back.

I want to tell her how much I love her, and that she deserves the happiness that she has now.

The best part of all this is that it has happened without a single accident.

The box still works, and there’s no problem with the snowflake.

It keeps moving, and every day, people ask me if they can touch it.

It just keeps moving.

And people come up to me and say, I love you, and even though we don-T know each other, they say, we know that you were so beautiful inside.

The snowbox is so much more than the snow, it’s more than a piece of furniture that you put on the floor and forget about it.

You don’t have to worry about the weather; you don’t even have to think about it, you just need to know that it’s there, it works, you don- t have to go outside and be sad, and you don–t have to get upset with your parents.

There are people who don’t like to have an icebox, but they’re not crazy.

And it’s not even that I’m sad, it just seems like I’m not that sad anymore.

I am happy because the ice box keeps me going, and because I’m free, and a person can be happy in her own time.