The Effy jewelry armory is here, and the new accessories include a bracelet, earrings and necklaces.

Here’s what you need from the new armory:Brief description of the armory armoryA large display area is set up for the armoring of jewelry and other accessoriesThe armoring includes jewelry, necklacing and neckchains to customize it.

There are different styles of earrings to choose from and a selection of necklaced necklids.

The armoring also includes a bracelet with a variety of neck accessories to choose the perfect look for your neck.

A selection of ear rings and earlaces to customize the armorer to suit your taste.

You can also pick up a variety other armoring accessories, such as necklace holders, ear plugs and a variety earrings.

The armory can be purchased in two sizes: an average size, or a very large.

The average size armory holds up to five items, while the very large armory has a total of ten items.

The average size has three items on each side of the display, while very large has five items on both sides of the displays.

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