Jared the Galleries of Jewelries is selling its first ever handcrafted jewelry sale to celebrate its new collection.

The collection, which includes pieces from the jewelry company’s flagship stores and retail locations, will include handcrafted pieces from Jared’s jewelry collection and a handful of the brand’s signature pieces from around the world, including a $100,000 gold necklace from Mexico.

The jewelry collection is the second in a series that started with the jewelry shop’s first sale in 2013, which sold more than 5,000 pieces of jewelry and jewelry accessories.

“We’ve been selling jewelry since 2010 and it’s been amazing,” said Jared the CEO of the jewelry store, who declined to give further details on the sales.

“We were the first retail jewelry store to start selling handcrafted.

We’re thrilled to be here with a new line of handcrafted, handcrafted items.

It’s going to be a great collection for our loyal customers.”

The sale includes a large assortment of hand-carved pieces, including hand-mixed jewelry, beads, pendants, earrings, necklaces, ear rings, and necklasks.

The collection is currently only available online.

Jared is also offering a limited number of limited edition jewelry that will be sold exclusively through the store’s online store.

The limited edition collection is limited to one per customer and can be pre-ordered via the store.

“Jared The Galleries is committed to creating the best possible jewelry experience for our customers,” Jared the President of Jared the Jewelry told Business Insider.

“This collection will be a highlight for all of our customers and we are thrilled to bring this to life.”

Jared also recently launched a jewelry line that features handcrafted handcrafted rings and necklace designs.