The date you get a birthday party is one of the most important milestones in your life.

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone like becoming a mother, moving out of your parent’s home or a new relationship, you’ll want to be the one to give your guests a party that will make them proud.

For a party to be memorable, you need to be ready to share your special day with a variety of different items.

The best way to make your birthday gift special is to create a special collection of items that can complement the occasion.

Here are some of our favorite gifts to bring to your party.


A glass of sparkling water with the title, “Happy Birthday, You.”


A small bottle of sparkling wine or champagne with the words, “Thank You” in small letters, with the phrase, “I have to take this home to share.”


A gift basket full of a variety, such as a bottle of wine, a glass of champagne, or a small bottle, with a message like, “You have my gratitude for giving me this gift.

Thank you!”


A cute little notebook with a cute picture of you and the date of your birthday, with some notes, such a birthday greeting and a list of things you would like to see in your birthday cake.


A big bouquet of flowers with the date and name of the person who gave you the flowers, and the words “Happy birthday, you!”


A beautiful, colorful, and hand-carved candle with the name of your party, and a message of how much you appreciate each of them.


A candle holder that can be set with any number of candles, such the traditional candle holder with four candles, or you can also add an additional candle holder if you prefer.


A bouquet with the theme of your favorite holiday, such “Happy Holidays,” “Merry Christmas,” or “Hanukkah.”


A set of earrings that match the theme.


A glass of Champagne, sparkling wine, or champagne, with an option of a bottle.


A hand-crafted bracelet that can match the style of the gift, such, “a fancy bracelet with a bow.”


A handmade gift card, such an art card or stamp, with your name and address.


A bottle of champagne or champagne glass, or any other sparkling beverage with a gift message like “Happy Christmas.”


A colorful and handcrafted bouquet, such flowers, ornaments, or small jewelry, or “A special gift to my friend.”


A necklace that can also be tied, such earrings or a necklace that could be worn around the neck, or necklace that fits around the middle of your neck, such small necklaces or earrings.


A card that can contain a message or two, such poetry, poetry, or poetry from a friend or loved one.


A custom gift box, such art, art, or jewelry, with special contents, such gift tags or a personalized letter from a loved one, or an artistic painting that can accompany the box.


A limited edition, handmade gift certificate, such stamps or paper bags, or cards that can only be used at your party or at the local business.


A large hand-made sign that you and your friends can attach to the wall, such hand-painted signs that are colorful, geometric, or have a picture of the party.


A unique handmade card, like a card that includes the message, “Hello!” or “You’re so smart!”


A personalized card, including a greeting from your friends or a gift from your parents.


A signature necklace with the image of your best friend, a greeting card or greeting card with your birthday card, or even a personalized card.


A “Happy” or “Happy Anniversary” card.


A vintage gift certificate.


A special piece of jewelry that you’ll always want to keep with you.


A personal letter.


A note on a handmade note or postcard that you can hang on your door.


A decorative ribbon, such roses or bouquets, that you want to add to your home decor or to decorate your office.


A collection of cards, such personalized cards, or other cards from a favorite person.


A piece of art or a book that you created, such one you wrote for yourself or for your child.


A little handmade art piece, such your initials, a little piece of your artwork, or some other unique personal work.


A sign that will hang on a wall, or be placed on a table or wall, that is a unique gift, a unique item, or your favorite person’s favorite birthday card.


A birthday card for a loved ones birthday or special anniversary, such cards with your own name or initials, or