More than 1,000 Israeli students and teachers protested in Jerusalem on Sunday over a controversial online jewelry store that sells “disgusted” and “Jew-wearing” items.

The students and the teachers held a rally in the city’s main square, with banners reading, “We don’t need this disgusting shop, we need an anti-Jew shop,” “Jews don’t wear jewish-made jewelry,” and “Stop selling products made in Israeli factories.”

A day earlier, students from the Yeshiva University’s Beit El yeshiva campus held a similar rally, with students shouting “we want to end this disgusting anti-Semitic act” and a similar message.

The demonstration comes as Israel’s Education Ministry considers a proposal to impose a new anti-discrimination law.

The measure has been opposed by Jewish groups and is being discussed in parliament.

The proposal comes after the ministry said it was considering an amendment to a separate legislation that aims to combat anti-Semitism in schools.