By: Emma Wysocki, New York Times Staff writerThe rings we wear are the ones that have come into our lives, but the ones we wear on our wedding day have been made by the hands of people who are so deeply into their craft that they have little time for the boring things in life.

That is the case with the jewelry company Ross Simons Jewelry.

The company is a family owned company, with the father of CEO Scott Simons the only child of the famed designer.

Scott and his father, Frank, are known for creating fine jewelry.

The Simons line includes pieces such as a gold chain and a ring with a stone embedded in the middle of a diamond that has been crafted from the rock and metal that is embedded in a diamond.

The ring was designed by a man who was part of the design team that created the famous “Swan Song” diamond ring, which sold for $2.5 million in 2012.

Frank Simons, a retired teacher and avid runner, is a true craftsman, and his work is so well-respected that he has had the opportunity to visit with Ross Simans at the company’s factory in Brooklyn, New Jersey.

The couple met at a party where Frank was giving a talk at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Afterward, Ross Simms offered to make the ring for him, and they began working together.

The Simons diamond ring was one of the most expensive pieces in the family, and Frank wanted to make a ring that could stand the test of time.

He knew that it would be a hit with his customers, so he decided to spend the next several years working on the ring.

Ross Simons has a history of making jewelry.

He was an engineer for the Army in World War II and rose to be the chief engineer of the company.

After the war, he joined the United States Navy and worked on submarines.

Ross is married to Sarah Simons of Brooklyn, and the couple has three daughters.

In their 50s, the family moved to New York City and opened a jewelry store in a downtown Brooklyn store called Ross’s Jewelry in 1972.

Ross has been a master craftsman of his craft for more than 20 years.

He is one of only a handful of people in the jewelry industry with a master’s degree in his field, and he earned his undergraduate degree from Columbia University in jewelry and menswear design in 1988.

He then earned his master’s from the Graduate School of Design in New York.

Ross’s jewelery shop has been in business for more the past 25 years, but it was his first foray into the world of luxury jewelry that drew him to the jewelry business.

The business has seen a boom in the past decade, as more and more women have begun to wear their hair, and more and better quality jewelry is made in the United Kingdom, where the demand for fine jewelry is higher.

Ross said that his work has always been about giving people the experience of being unique.

His jewelry is all about the moment, which is what you wear and why you wear it, he said.

And he said that a diamond ring with the stone embedded inside the diamond is just one of those experiences that you want to share with the world.

Ross also has been known to make his own jewelry, including a $2,000 gold engagement ring that has a ring of pure gold in the center that has an eye-catching stone on the tip.

The stone is a stone that has only been seen once in the hands.

Ross was the subject of a viral video, “What’s wrong with men?”, which was shared more than 7.3 million times on Facebook and has been viewed more than 5.6 million times in the last year.

The video was shared with a number of celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres, Lena Dunham, and Lena Headey.

Ross told The Wall St. Journal that his love for jewelry began when he was in college.

His college roommate had recently died, and Ross took a chance on him because he was a talented musician and he had an affinity for all things music.

Ross began his career as a jewelry designer at age 19 and worked at a boutique in New Orleans.

He worked his way up to working for the renowned jeweler, Pierre L’Arche, in Paris, where he worked for several years.

Ross moved to the United Arab Emirates and worked for two years at a jeweler named Houda.

Ross became obsessed with fine jewelry and in the early 1990s, Ross founded his own company, Ross and Frank, in his native New York, and eventually Ross was hired by Ross Simmons Jewelry to design the ring he designed for Frank.

Ross started designing rings for Frank when he arrived in New Jersey in 2003.

He told The Journal that it took a while for Frank to realize what he wanted his ring to represent, but Ross was able to capture the essence of the diamond with the natural stone.

Ross and his team of crafts