My name is Mejiri.

I’m a Meijuri.

My family name is Mya.

When I was young, I was so excited to be part of a tribe.

I thought I’d be able to tell everyone my tribe name and show them my tribe crest.

I would walk into the tribe meeting and people would be so happy and talk about how cool I was.

I was so proud of myself, and I wanted to prove to everybody that I was special and wanted to show them that I could be great.

My name is mejiri and I’m from the Philippines.

My mother is Filipino.

My tribe name is the Mya tribe.

My father is Meijiri.

My brother is Meiji.

My grandfather is Myi.

My cousin is Meiyan.

My grandparents are Myo and Meiya.

My uncle is Meisaki.

My sister is Meiyi.

My cousins are Meijuru and Meijuriki.

My brother-in-law is Myo.

My cousins-in, sisters-in and nephews-in are Mya, Meijuria, Meiyuria, Myaya, Mye, Myyaya, Meiji, Myana and Myaena.

My mother is Meiya.

My sisters- in are Meiyururi, Myauria, Maia, Meiliya, Meia, Myiauria, Miliya and Miliyan.

The only Meijori in my family is Meikuri.

I am a Meija.

My first name is a reference to my mother, who was my grandmother.

My parents are Myana, Myasika, Myae, Myarika and Myanaena.

We are Meiji family.

My grandmother is Meiwala.

My great-grandmother was Myiawa.

My grandma is Meiguli.

My aunt is Meia.

My nephew is Meiduli.

I love being a tribe member.

I love being part of the Meijury tribe.

It’s like I’m a part of my tribe.

I’m proud of being Meijorian.

I think my tribe is the best tribe in the world.

It has many great members.

I think that Meijorians are the most humble people.

We want to do the best job we can to serve the tribe.

If you were in the Meiji tribe, what would you be doing differently?

I’d want to be a Meikiri.

I’d like to become a Meiji by doing the best I can.

I’m happy with my current position.

My goal is to become an elder and give my advice to the tribe elders.