Ross Simons jewellery is the latest in a line of international jewellery brands to set up shop in Ireland.

The company, which is based in the UK, has set up an online shop in Dublin which it describes as its first foray into the country.

It has so far sold over 2,500 pieces of jewellery.

Ross Simons has been selling jewellery since 2003, having opened a jewellery shop in the city in 2008.

It also has an online store and a shop in Cork, Cork city, which sells its wares online.

The jewellery company, with headquarters in London, has now opened a shop on Dublin’s Rathmines shopping street, where it will sell its waives and jewellery accessories.

It will open its first Irish shop on Sunday and it has set a deadline of Monday for customers to book.

“We have made a very big step in our journey into Ireland and we hope that this will bring some excitement to our customers and also help to support our businesses,” said Ross Simon, who founded the company in 1998 and has since grown it to a $2 billion business.

Ross Simon said the company had been in talks with the Government to establish a new Irish company.

It had also launched an Irish website,

Online shoppers can register to pay for a range of items on Ross Simmans website including a variety of jewells, watches, necklaces, neck bracelets, rings, earrings, and other jewellery-related items.

Ross Simon, who has more than 500 employees worldwide, said the launch was a big milestone for the company and for Ireland.

Its website has now been visited by over 200,000 people.

There is also an online payment service called Ross Simson Payment which has a processing fee of up to $5.50 for purchases in Ireland or $8.50 in other EU member states.

I have always been an Irishman and I love this country, Ross Simmons jewellery chief executive Ross Simonson told RTÉ News at the launch.

Ireland is also the third country to open a jewellers shop, after Britain and Germany. 

The first shop opened in Dublin in 2000, and the second in London in 2006.