I have a bunch of jewelry that has ashes in it, but I don’t know what to do with it.

That’s the beauty of it: I’m not sure if it’ll be buried or not.

The ashes will be in a bag that you can take home to the cemetery.

You can clean it and put it back on.

And I have my friends and family members that can help me, and they’ll donate to the fund for my funeral.

That way, I can have my ashes in the ground and they can go to my grave.

The biggest thing I can say about this is it’s a really simple process.

It’s just something you do.

If it’s ashes, then just clean it, put it in a small bag, and then leave it out for a couple of weeks and it’ll come back.

If you don’t have ashes, you can throw them in a jar and throw it away.

I think it’s really simple.