The beauty and fashion industry is in a bubble, and as such, you’re not seeing the most expensive items on sale as often as you would like.

In fact, the most popular brands in terms of sales are the ones that are more affordable to consumers.

This infographic from fashion magazine Vanity Fair lists the most-expensive brands in the beauty and cosmetics world, and it comes to us courtesy of The Beauty & Cosmetics Industry Association.

The article says that luxury brands such as Chanel and Gucci are the top-selling brands among the categories, while more affordable brands like Guerlain, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs are the most affordable.

It also lists the top 10 luxury brands in every beauty category.

Here are the 10 priciest brands in beauty: Top 10 Most Expensive Beauty Brands in 2018: The Luxury Beauty Industry Association (LEIA) lists the 10 most expensive beauty brands in 2018.

Chanel is the most priciest brand, with a price tag of $4,534.50.

Gucci and Marc de la Renta are second and third, respectively.

Chanels luxury goods line includes its Chanel Lipstick, the Chanel Rouge, and the Chanels L’Oreal.

In terms of price, the brand L’Occitane costs $2,065.99.

The brand L.A. Swim is the second most expensive, with $2.95 a bottle.

Guisham is a mid-priced brand with a cost of $2 per bottle.

The brands that make up the top ten include Guerlain ($1,074.90), the Gucci Collection ($1.75 per bottle), Gucci Jewelry ($1 per bottle) and Marc Bitton ($1 for each $1 spent).

Here are some other notable brands on this list: Top Ten Most Expired Beauty Brands for 2018: L.L. Bean is the oldest brand on this year’s list.

Its oldest-selling product was a line of beauty products from 1955, but it has been around since at least 2007.

Its flagship product is the L’Eau de Parfum, a perfume that has been on sale since 2007.

The L.

Lo Bean brand is one of the oldest cosmetics brands.

It was founded in 1968 and is currently owned by the French multinational conglomerate LVMH.

The line includes the L.

Laurel and L.

Jean fragrance, which were the first two products created by the brand.

It is also the oldest perfume on this Forbes list.

The most recent fragrance was released last year, and its price tag is $2 a bottle, according to the article.

Here’s what the most valuable brand in beauty is worth to you: Top 15 Most Valuable Beauty Brands For 2018: MAC Cosmetics has been in business since the late 1990s.

Its latest release was the MAC Foundation and the MAC Liquid Foundation.

MAC has released a lot of products over the years, and there are a lot more in store.

The newest release, MAC Liquid Glow, is a high-purity, organic makeup primer that was first released in 2018 and retails for $28.99 a tube.

MAC Liquid Shine is a lightweight powder that was released in 2017.

MAC Lipstick in Liquid Glow is also an affordable makeup product.

MAC Foundation in Liquid Shine was released back in 2018, and is the newest MAC makeup product on this article.

MAC Skin Glow is a concealer and primer.

MAC Mineralize in Liquid Powder is a foundation that retails at $16.99 for six tubes.

MAC Primer in Liquid is a primer and a foundation.

MAC Eyeshadow in Liquid Eye Pencil is a medium-dark matte color that retires at $18.99 per tube.

The beauty brands that made the top 15 include MAC, MAC Cosmetica, MAC Luxury, MAC Ultra, MAC Longevity, MAC Soft, MAC Natural, MAC Glow, MAC Light, MAC Matte, MAC Nude, MAC Satin, MAC Poreless, MAC Perfection, MAC Powdery, MAC Velvet, MAC Tinted, MAC Wipe-On, MAC Waterproof, MAC Wet, MAC Mineral, MAC Eye Shadow, MAC Skin, MAC Oil, MAC Foundation, MAC Color Corrector, MAC Highlighter, MAC Skincare, MAC Mascara, MAC Brow Pencil, MAC Eyeliner, MAC Shimmer, MAC Hairpiece, MAC Lip Gloss, MAC Makeup Remover, MAC Concealer, MAC Stain Remover