Dressed like an actor and wearing pirate gear, Daniel Bajwa is expected to sell an array of jewelry boxes for the people of Gujarat.

The 22-year-old has already been on the market since last month.

He said that his son was not a good actor but that his passion was in jewellery and that his dad was the one who brought the idea to him.

Bajwa said that when his father introduced him to jewellery, he asked him to dress like a blacksmith, which he had done in his youth.

The jewellery was then brought to his home in the district.

“He said that he is not a jeweller.

I told him that he could dress like one,” Bajwas father said.

Biju’s father, an electrician who works with Bajwaras mother, also said that Bajwanas son, who is now 18, is very talented.

“Daniel is an artist.

He has done a lot of jewellery projects in Gujarat and is currently in London for his studies,” he said.

The jewellery box has been made of gold and silver pieces with different designs and features.

It was sold for Rs 2 lakh ($20,000) on Monday.