It’s not a big deal to have a little black dress in your closet or two white ones in your wallet.

But what if you want to wear something with a little more flare than that?

Here are the 50 most stylish jewelry box for women that we found. 

The box is an interesting option for hip hop fans who want to express their individuality without feeling pressured to match their style with the fashion trend of the day.

It’s designed to look stylish without feeling too casual, and features a unique design that blends into your style. 

Hip hop artists are known for incorporating a lot of fashion influences into their music, so this box will definitely help you get a more sophisticated look.

The pieces are made from high quality leather and have a unique, subtle pattern on the inside of the box, allowing for a subtle twist to the design. 

If you’re looking for something more formal, then you could opt for a white dress, white dress shoes, white blouse, white heels, or white pumps. 

But for those who want a little less flashy than what’s on the box you could look to wear a blazer, button up shirt, black blazer or button up pants, with a black blouse. 

You can pick from the following styles: Black blazer with a white tie, white shirt, and black pants Black blazer , white shirt and black trousers White blazer and white trousers , black blazers and white pants White shirt and white blazors , white blazer for men, and white shirts White dress shirt , white dress blazer White tie shirt , black dress shirt and a white shirt White skirt with a tie, a white blossom, and a black dress skirt White top with a brown bow tie, and an orange bow tie White bow tie , and a blue bow tie with a purple bow tie  White necklace with a pink bow tie and a pink ribbon on the outside White lace up jacket , a white jacket with a blue ribbon, and green bows and ribbons White leather jacket , and an olive green jacket Black leather jacket and a brown ribbon Black bow tie in a black bow tie. 

This box also has a couple of unique accessories.

The first is a silver necklace with gold accents.

It has the words “I love you” printed in gold, which adds a little sparkle to the box. 

There’s also a leather belt and a metal buckle on the bottom of the top of the leather box.

These items can also be worn with the box itself, so you can choose between a belt or buckle. 

One thing to keep in mind is that this box has a little to go before it becomes a complete piece, so if you don’t want to spend the extra money, you can always just throw it in the bag and return it when you’re done. 

Black belt and silver buckle with gold detailing. 

Image Source:  LunaVille