A box full of adorable jewelry from Daniel jewelry inc.

is just the ticket for the girl you love to spend the holiday season with.

The box, which is priced at $2,500, includes two rings and a necklace that’s also a Daniel jewelry gift.

The boxes are available now at select retailers including Forever 21, Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

[RECAP: How to Make the Perfect Gift for Your Best Friend] Daniel also sells a couple of other products, including an item called a “Darling Girl” that comes with a necklace and a handbag.

Here’s how to make a perfect Daniel jewelry box for your friend.

[READ: How You Can Celebrate Christmas with Your Family, a Gift, a Box and a Christmas Tree] 1 of 12 Daniel Jewelry Inc. Daniel jewelry, a.k.a.

Daniels, is known for its stylish designs and handcrafted jewelry.

Daniel is known as the maker of the “Girly Girl.”

But the company also has a history of being a company that’s not afraid to embrace diversity and inclusion.

Here are some ways to celebrate the holidays in a way that’s inclusive.


Make a Gift for the Girl You Love.

It’s hard to go wrong with a gift for a friend or loved one.

The girl is just as important to you as you are to them, Daniel’s CEO, Sarah Jones, told Recode.

“You know what?

I think we should be celebrating the beautiful, intelligent, beautiful people in the world.

That’s what makes us great.

I think it’s time for us to celebrate that.”

The box includes a handcrafted gift box with three pieces of jewelry: a diamond ring, a silver ring and a pearl necklace.

The gift box also includes an item, called a Darling Girl, that’s a gift box that’s made by the company’s girls.

The Darling Girl is made out of 100% sterling silver.

The three items in the box come in a gorgeous, handcrafted box.

“We just wanted to create a box that felt like a gift to her,” Jones said.

“It’s something you can wear on your wrist, or you can put in a box in your office or something like that.

It feels like a really personal, meaningful gift.

And it’s a girl-made gift.

It will make her feel like she has her own space to herself, and she has a personal space to you.”


Be Celebrating the Season.

“Dating is a little bit like making a plan,” Jones explained.

“When we say a date, we mean we want to have an experience, a fun time, a relationship, a connection.

That doesn’t mean you have to have a date.

But it’s something we’re all trying to do and something that’s important to us, and we want that to be a reality.”

The company has a few different ways to make this happen.

For a special occasion, the Darling Girl will be placed inside a special box with a hand-painted logo that you’ll wear on it.

It comes with three rings, a necklace, a hand bag, and a little picture of the girl with the logo.

For the holidays, Jones said, the company will also be giving out free, personalized gift cards to women who use the hashtag #DatingLetsGo.

And they’ll be offering a special offer for women who are interested in wearing the Darling Girls jewelry.

“That’s really what we’re going to do, is we’re giving out a few complimentary Valentine’s Day cards,” Jones told Recoode.

The card will be personalized with a photo of the person you are wearing the jewelry on the inside, and the card will include the number of your date, date of the year, and number of the Valentine’s day.


Buy the Jewelry and Keep the Box for a Friend.

You’ll be able to wear the Darling Doll’s handbag inside the box and the box will also have a special sticker that reads “DAREDGIRL, GO ON AND BUY IT.”

The jewelry is made of sterling silver and comes in a lovely, hand-made box.

If you’re shopping online, you can get the Darling Jewelry inc.

Darling Girl box for as low as $1,000.

It is available at select retail outlets.


Buy It in Your Favorite Color.

You can choose to wear a necklace or ring in the Darling doll’s hand, or the Darling girl can choose a diamond necklace and jewelry.

Each is made with a different color and comes with an attached handbag that’s filled with accessories.

It can also come with a set of earrings.

“I think that’s pretty amazing,” Jones noted.

“And it’s going to be super special to have all the accessories and all the pieces that you can just pick out that you want.”


Make It For the First Time. When