fred Meyers Jewelry is known for creating unique and unique pieces of jewelry, and their newest piece is definitely one of their most interesting to date. 

The fuchsia gemstone, called Icebox, is a stone made of a mix of quartz and carbon and was discovered in 1864.

According to Meyers, it was made by an American scientist, James A. Waggoner, who used a glass rod with a hole drilled in the bottom to collect the crystals.

This was the first crystal ever created, and it is known as the Waggonstone, named after Waggoning, Ohio.

The Waggonite crystal is then subjected to pressure and temperature to produce the crystal, which then forms a layer that is a combination of quartz, carbon, and the diamond called agate.

Icebox is one of the most sought after diamonds in the world, and Meyers has released a limited-edition collection of it.

It is the first diamond in Meyers collection, which has been dubbed the “Waggonstones.”

According of Meyers website, the collection features pieces such as an ivory necklace and a necklace with a heart-shaped diamond that was created with the stone.

For the first time, Meyers is releasing a limited edition set of three items in the Icebox collection.

You can pre-order one of them now through Meyers’ website.

Meyers also released a new set of Icebox jewelry on Friday.

These are the first of two Icebox rings, with a ring with a diamond-shaped stone in the middle.

Each of the Iceboxes has a stone that is surrounded by diamonds that are embedded in the stone and diamond-rich veins.

The Icebox Rings were designed to have the stone have a “wiggly” shape, and are made of pure quartz, agate, and diamond.

The diamonds are arranged in a pattern that makes it difficult for them to break.

The second set of icebox rings are made out of a combination quartz and diamond crystal.

One of the diamonds is also the diamond.

The diamonds are placed in the same way that a diamond would be placed in a stone. 

You can also see that there are two layers of the diamond on the icebox ring, and there is also a layer of agate in the diamonds.

The third ring, which is made out only of diamond and agate is the one I have seen on the site.

If you look closely, you can see the diamonds that you can spot on the diamond ring.

It looks very similar to the second ring, except it is not in the diamond shape.

All three of these Icebox sets are set to sell for $14,000.

They will be sold on November 2.

FIND OUT WHAT TO BUY IF YOU ARE A CASHIER HERE Meisters Icebox Diamond Ring Set is available at and is priced at $14K.

In a statement, Meisters said: “This unique collection of Iceboxes and diamonds are a tribute to the Wagons discovery and the Wagoners love of nature.

 “The Iceboxes are unique, and this is only the beginning for us, and we hope you enjoy them too!” “

The icebox stones are so beautiful, they have been hand polished to perfection, and each of the stones is engraved with a message that captures the spirit of the Wager.

 “The Iceboxes are unique, and this is only the beginning for us, and we hope you enjoy them too!”

Meers Icebox Ring Set is now available for pre-ordering at