The new mother-of-two’s jewelry collection has been inspired by her favorite childhood toys, like dolls, stuffed animals and stuffed animals with faces.

“My kids are all really into toys, so I’m obsessed with all kinds of things,” Ms Niederreich said.

“It’s a beautiful collection that has a lot of toys in it.

It’s a really cute collection.

It looks like you could make a necklace out of it.”

I love it because it’s something that I grew up with.

I really like the way it’s made.

It has that ‘mommy’ feeling to it.

“Ms Niedernreich’s jewelry was designed by a local artisans, who have since launched a campaign to raise money for the family.”

We were just looking for something to wear with the baby so she could show off some of the outfits she had in her dress, and we wanted to help out a little bit,” Ms Tinsley said.

Her campaign has raised more than $10,000 for the Tinsleys and Ms Niesenreich has been inundated with gifts from across the country, including from people in New Zealand and Australia.”

They’re really just really sweet and supportive of the family and so grateful for what they’ve done,” Ms Wainwright said.

She said the family has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, but that Ms Nierreich had been struggling to get the word out about the campaign.”

She’s just been really overwhelmed, and she’s trying really hard to get this going.

She just loves to help others out.

She’s just trying to help everyone out.””

I think it’s just so amazing, that she can come out here and help so many people.

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