Dress is just as important as your shoes, and a few of the most popular options to pair with your outfit will make your day even more memorable. 

Jared’s and Lauren’s collection of jewelry and dress pieces for girls are an absolute must-have. 

The brands pair well with other clothing, and their wide variety of styles are a must-try for any girl who wants to add some style to her wardrobe. 

While the collections are designed for younger girls, they are definitely suitable for older girls. 

Read on to find out how to pair your favorite girls jewelry boxes and dresses, including: The Perfect Jumper: Cotton/cotton blend Lacoste Tuxedo: Black/black Black Label Lace: Navy Soho Suit Jacket: Dress Black Tie: Tuxedo Suede Shoes: Vintage Black Boots: Powder Blue Lace Shoes:The Tiger Woods Collection of Dress Accessories Jagged Tiger Shoes Glamorite Sterling Jewelry L’Oréal Black & Decker T-Shirt Glorified Leather Shoes Totals: $2,995 $4,995