The first step is to get the diamond ring on your finger.

This can be done by gently pressing the ring against your thumb, which is also the main finger.

To get the ring off the finger, gently squeeze the ring and the diamond off.

This will allow the diamond to slip off.

If the ring is not completely off your finger, then you can gently press the ring up and pull it away from your finger so it’s off the ring.

Next, press down on the diamond so the diamond is just barely in your thumb.

Then, gently pull the diamond out of the diamond with your finger to get it off the thumb.

Do this three or four times to get everything off the diamond.

Next are the other finger tips.

The first time you touch the ring, it’s important to not be too gentle.

If you touch your finger too hard, the diamond will slip off the tip and you won’t be able to get your finger in there.

Instead, gently rub the ring gently against the back of your hand.

This gently rubs the tip of the ring with your hand and helps prevent the diamond from slipping off the hand.

Next is the back.

The back of the finger is very important for this to work.

The diamond needs to be pushed down in the back by your thumb and pulled away from the finger.

If it’s too hard for your finger then you won�t be able get the tip in there because it�s too small.

So, when you touch it, you need to push it down and not get too much pressure on the back because it won�d fall out.

Finally, the last finger tip is the little pinky.

To remove the ring from the pinky, pull it out of your pinky by gently pushing it away with your pinkie.

Do not pull it too hard or you might damage it.

Next comes the jeweler�s loupe.

You want to gently rub it with your hands against the pinkie so it�ll slip off easily.

Next step: remove the jewelry, remove the rings and wear the jewelry again.

You can wear a necklace again, but you�ll probably want to wear this ring a few times before you do.

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