Aussie fans can now get a chance to watch ‘Game, of Thrones’, the popular British TV series that airs on Netflix in Australia, thanks to a deal that allows them to purchase a digital copy of the show in the country.

The deal, announced on Friday, will allow Australians to watch the show via the Netflix app.

In a blog post, the streaming service said the deal, which will see Australians able to watch Game of Thrones from June 30, will be available to “an audience of over 50 million Australians”.

“We are thrilled to be able provide our Australian audience with a way to watch our award-winning series on a variety of platforms including the Netflix platform,” Netflix Australia general manager, Content and Development, Sam Gagliardi, said in a statement.

“The availability of a digital download of ‘Game’, the highest rated and most-watched TV series of all time, will give our Australian fans the chance to experience the world of Westeros on a platform that is as accessible to them as it is to the millions of Australians across the world.”

The deal comes just a week after it was announced that Australians who are looking to watch “Game Of Gods” could watch the same series on the streaming site.

The streaming service will allow Australian users to view the show on their phone or tablet.

The show was first broadcast on ABC in 1998 and has since been a hit on the American network, with the show winning seven Emmys and winning three Emmys for the first time in a row.