The Walt Disney World Resort is getting a new attraction at the parks entrance, and that’s a huge deal.

Disney has officially announced it is moving the Mickey Mouse ride to a new ride area in Frontierland.

The Mickey Mouse attraction was in the middle of a redesign that will allow for more freedom to the parks interior, allowing guests to move around more easily, while also allowing for more unique experiences.

This new attraction is designed for Disney theme parks guests with the capacity to fit about 15 guests.

Mickey Mouse is currently the only attraction in the park that allows for guests to walk in from the Main Street Parking Garage or walk out to Frontierland, both of which are new attractions in Frontiertown.

Mickey has also been redesigned to include a new platform, new ride technology, new graphics, new lighting and new sound.

Mickey is currently only the second attraction to be redesign in the parks history.

The original version was created by Disney in 1995 and was originally called the Mickey & Friends, and was a joint venture between Disney and Universal Studios.

Mickey & Associates was Disney’s production company in the 1990s and was responsible for the creation of the iconic Mickey Mouse toy line.

This version of the attraction was also the first attraction to feature new animation, new sound, new character designs, and a new stage.

Disney said that Frontierland will have a new area, new attractions and new rides that guests will be able to explore, ride, and interact with.

The park is already home to new attractions like the Frozen Movie Cruise and the new Mickey Mouse Ride.

Frontierland is being built at Walt Disney’s Islands of Adventure, the land where the original Disney theme attractions, such as Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, are located.

Disney is hoping that Frontiertown will also include the new ride, which will allow guests to explore the parks world and the surrounding area and to interact with the rides characters.

Mickey, the iconic Mouse, will be joined in the new Frontierland area by new characters, including Mickey Mouse.

The new Frontier Town area will include a large new theme park area that will include attractions such as the Frontierland Jungle Cruise and Frontierland Wishes Adventure.

Frontiertown, which is located just south of Disney Springs, will open in 2020.

Disneyland, which includes Disneyland Resort, is scheduled to open in 2019.

Disney plans to add Frontiertown to the park in 2019, but has not yet set a date.