A new breed of jewelry stores are popping up all over the world, with the latest coming to the UK via Germany.

It all started back in 2011 when the owner of the famous Zales jewelry store, Mr. Zales, opened up a new branch of his store, called Zales Jewelry & Collectibles in Liverpool.

I had been looking at the shelves of Zales stores for some time, as I had a number of friends that wanted to own their own jewellery collection and wanted to have something to go with it.

As you can see from the photos, they are a nice mix of traditional and contemporary, but I have noticed that the majority of them are all new and exciting additions to my collection.

The Zales store has been open for two years and now has more than 30 stores across Europe, in addition to a store in Italy.

They also have a branch in the United States and the UK.

When I first got my first look at Zales in the store, I thought it was a very simple store with a great selection of jewellery.

In fact, I was impressed when I went in and saw that it had a small selection of items in different styles, from classic to contemporary, to the odd diamond-shaped, gemstone, and so on.

My favourite item was a small diamond ring.

It was beautifully hand-crafted in a hand-carved diamond ring from one of my favourite jewellers, David H. Smith, who had worked at Zees Jewelry in the US and had been working at the Zales for 20 years.

But I was also impressed by the collection of other jewellery available in the shop.

From a variety of styles, I chose a diamond necklace, a diamond ring, a pearl necklace, and an earring.

Each of these items was individually hand-made and a piece of art, which was an added bonus for me.

After taking a look at the various styles available in Zales the first time, I knew I wanted to buy something that matched the style of my own jewelry collection, but also the look of my life.

Then I got to the shop and was amazed to find that it was packed full of unique, handmade jewellery that could be worn in different ways, depending on the wearer’s style, as well as the way they wear it.

I am now obsessed with all the jewellery pieces in the Zes jewelry collection, and it is definitely something that will make me feel a little special every time I wear them.

If you are planning to visit Liverpool, you can find all of the shops and stores here.

You can find out more about the Zale Jewelry store on their website here.

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