An Australian woman is trying to make the perfect necklace for her daughter who has Down syndrome.

The 23-year-old is a keen collector and has amassed hundreds of items from around the world, including a necklace made out of a vintage vintage bottle cap, an autographed picture of a singer, a pair of gold earrings, a gold necklace bracelet, a necklace that looks like it’s been glued on with string, a replica of a real-life necklace, and a necklace with an old school charm.

“I’ve made a necklace for my daughter that is exactly what she wants and needs,” Ms Smith said.

She started making her own necklace in January, and after about two months of trial and error she’s got a product she’s happy with.

Ms Smith said her daughter, who suffers from Down syndrome, enjoys hanging out with her friends, taking her on hikes, and playing board games.

But she is concerned about her daughter’s health, and has found that making her a necklace can have a negative effect on her.

“[She] is getting older and older and needs more and more and needs to be able to wear the necklace,” Ms Jones said.

“I want to make sure that her necklace is the one she wears and that it fits her and it doesn’t make her feel like she’s being told what to wear.

That’s what I wanted her to feel.

My daughter is in a really challenging time.

I want her to have a necklace she loves, one that she can wear for as long as she needs it.”

Ms Jones said her favourite part about making her necklace was seeing how happy she was.

A few weeks after her daughter was born, she made a second one, and Ms Jones has been taking her daughter on outings.

In the last few weeks, Ms Jones made two more.

They will be displayed in the store, and the jewellery maker hopes they will spark some conversation about Down syndrome in Australia.

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