The $300 Million Palmetton Diamond, also known as the $100 Million Pearl, is one of the most coveted diamonds in the world.

It was purchased by jewelry company Louis Vuitton for $1 billion in 2014.

The diamond is an eight-carat diamond, which makes it the biggest and best-quality diamond ever produced by Louis Vuittos Diamond Group.

The Diamond, which was created in the 1940s by the French diamond magnate Louis Vuits diamond mines in the Bordeaux region, is the only diamond with a diameter of 3.75 carats.

The Palmettos Diamond, created in 1929 by Louis Van Loon, is another gem with a 3.5-carats diameter.

Its diameter is 1.85 carats and is the most expensive diamond in the history of the industry.

The Palmettons diamond is one the world’s most sought-after diamonds and the only one in the United States.

The $1 Billion Pearl, a six-carAT diamond, is also extremely rare, but is sold by a select few people who have a lot of money.

These are people who will pay thousands of dollars for a diamond with such a small diameter.

However, the $200 million Pearls diameter is a lot more affordable.

Its $1 million price tag is actually lower than the Palmetts diamond, making it even more appealing.

There are several reasons why this diamond is so much more expensive than the other two.

One of them is the diameter.

The size of the Palmatts diamond is smaller than the Pearl’s diameter.

This is due to the fact that the Pearl has been mined at the same location for almost 30 years, which is more than any other diamond in history.

However it is important to note that the Palmytos diamond is not a true gemstone, but instead is a semi-precious metal.

This means that it can be used in jewelry, but the Palmwoods diamond is more expensive because of its semi-pure material.

In addition, the Palms diamond has a slightly higher value than the Pearls diamonds.

The Pearl diamond is currently the most valuable diamond in South Africa, and is worth $1,400,000.

The Pearls diamond is the world jewel of diamonds.

It is estimated that it has a value of $700 million.

It can be purchased in the US for $3,000,000 and in Europe for $4,500,000 per carat.

The $200 Million Pearls price tag makes it even cheaper to own than the previous highest priced diamond.

It only costs $100,000 to buy a Palmetta diamond, but its $200M price tag can make it even lower than its $1M price.

The diamond’s high value is also due to its rarity.

It’s rare because it is a pure semi-metallic gem.

The diamonds density is similar to diamond but it is actually a non-crystalline mineral.

Its density is higher than that of diamond.

The density of a diamond is also different from that of the diamond in that it is less viscous.

This makes the diamond a harder material, which allows for greater wear.

The high value of this diamond makes it a good investment for many.

The price of the pearl is even lower.

The Diamond and Pearl have similar diameters, but are much less valuable.

Both diamonds are valued at around $1 each.

The highest price is for the Pearl, which can be bought for around $250,000 in the USA and $350,000 worldwide.

This diamond is much more valuable than the Diamond, but it only has a diameter that is slightly smaller.

The pearls diameter also has a smaller diameter.

It has a thickness of 1.45 carats, which gives it a higher price tag.