The Palm Beach, Florida, jeweler, which makes some of the most sought after and coveted diamonds in the world, has been on the hunt for new talent.

But it is still reeling from the loss of several top executives last year when the company’s CEO, Keith Scott, died of a heart attack in January. 

As part of a plan to keep its CEO, Mr Scott had put aside $100 million to buy a jewelry brand called Palm Beach Jewelers and Jewelers of Palm Beach and create a new management team. 

“I am really grateful for Keith’s leadership and that he had the foresight to buy Palm Beach in the first place,” Mr Scott said at the time. 

In recent weeks, he has been busy on Twitter and Instagram, promoting the company on its social media accounts.

“I love the beauty of the Palm Beach landscape,” he wrote in a video message posted on Tuesday.

Palm Beach Jewelry is owned by the Scott family and operates in five locations, with more than $4 billion in sales. 

The company said in a statement that Mr Scott’s death was the result of “a sudden illness”.

“He had a great passion for the jewelry industry, and we are very grateful for his efforts in supporting us as we navigate this transition,” the statement said.

It said the company has hired an outside attorney to help navigate the transition.

“Keith Scott was one of the founders of Palm Beaches Jewelers, and his leadership and commitment to the brand will always be felt,” it said.