Kohls is not the only brand to feature the iconic “Panda” logo in their apparel, and it is the only company that has a dedicated shop dedicated to the brand.

While the brand’s apparel and accessories are still mostly made in China, it’s no secret that the company is working to create more American-made products.

In fact, in a recent statement, Kohls CEO and founder Richard Kohl said, “the pandora logo is part of our mission to bring a global, American-focused look to our stores and to make our brand more appealing to consumers.”

Kohls has also partnered with American fashion designers to create some of their best-known collections.

In February, the company launched its first line of high-end jewelry, the Kohl’s Signature Collection.

The new collection was created with the help of American fashion designer and fashion designer Alex Pareja.

The collection is a mix of designs inspired by the pandora symbol, as well as more classic designs inspired from the brand and the people that have inspired it.

It includes items like the Kohls Panda Watch and a special necklace inspired by actress Meryl Streep, as seen in the video above.

The “Pandora” design has become one of the most iconic and recognizable symbols in American culture, and the company has been working on a new line of pandora-inspired jewelry since March of this year.

According to a statement from Kohls, the new collection will be available from June through November and will be sold exclusively through the Kohli’s website.

“The pandora is one of our most treasured symbols, and we wanted to honor it with a collection of items that reflect the passion that people have for it,” said Parejo in a statement.

“We hope that you’ll join us in bringing our passion for the pandoras timeless and iconic look to your wardrobe this fall.”

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