People often bury their ashes in a variety of ways, but some jewelry stores have decided to offer ashes in an unusual way: by using diamonds.

The Smithsonian, which owns the Jewelers Jewelry Museum in Washington, D.C., has started selling jewelry with diamonds in its display cases.

The Jewelers’ website says the diamonds are the “jewel of a lifetime” and are a “natural companion” for ashes, a source of “spiritual meaning.”

“They will give the spirit a powerful sense of comfort and security, as well as the ability to see the person as he or she was and how he or her life changed,” the website says.

The jewelry is also designed to keep the ashes “in the earth” as they decompose.

A spokeswoman for the Smithsonian said the jewelry will be available at the museum in January, and that the Smithsonian is not selling ashes.

“We will continue to display our collection of jewels that include gems and precious stones that have been created from ashes,” the spokeswoman said.

“These objects are part of our jewelry collection and will be accessible at our jewelry museum and gift shop.”

The Smithsonian said it has not made any decisions about selling the diamonds.

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