The jewelry industry is booming in Israel, but it is also growing in the United States.

The new year will bring some new pieces to our collective memory.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2016 Kohls American Jewelry Awards.

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In 2016, we presented the best of American jewelry in the following categories:American Jewelry Design: Best of the Year; Best of American Jewelery; and Best of Jewelry in the USA.

We were also honored with a Silver Award for our annual Kohls America Jewelry Showcase in New York City.

The American Jeweler is an organization dedicated to excellence in the design, manufacturing, and presentation of jewelry in America.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of the people who make jewelry by educating the public on the latest trends in jewelry and the industry’s most important issues.

We also seek to provide support to local jewelry makers, as well as to other jewelry companies.

We thank all of our awardees, including:S. L. Fink, Jewelry Designer and Director, Kohl’s International, New York, NY.

Sandra Cisneros, President, Jewelers International, San Francisco, CA.

Alfonso Perez, President and CEO, The Jeweler Group, Los Angeles, CA, and Andrew Sperling, Executive Vice President, Kohls, New Orleans, LA.

Meredith Pfeiffer, Executive Director, International Business Council, New Jersey, NY; and Andrew L. Miller, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Kohli’s Worldwide, New Brunswick, NJ.

We also were honored with two Silver Awards: Best Jewelry and Best Jewelery in the World.

For the first award, we were recognized for our dedication to the creative community.

We look forward to honoring this community in 2017.

We thank our winners for their hard work and their creativity.

Kohl’s International is a global leader in the jewelry industry.

We have more than 1,600 stores worldwide and our mission is a long-term commitment to making jewelry the best it can be.

For more information on Kohl, visit or call 1-800-KLNS (7267).