Hard jewelry has been a hot commodity over the past few years, but with so many companies out of business and high-priced designer pieces going on the market, it’s no surprise that a few are finding themselves in the spotlight.

Some of the most high-profile companies are L’Oréal, Dior, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy, with the top 10 listed below.

Hard jewelry is often regarded as luxury, and the brands have become known for their high-quality, high-price offerings. 

A lot of the companies listed below are worth keeping an eye on.

They’re just some of the top brands you can expect to see on this list.


Marc Jacobs  L’Orèal Marc Jacobs is one of the best-known and best-loved brands of jewelry.

It’s one of those brands that’s become synonymous with luxury, but it also has a very high-end price tag. 

Its collection includes many high-performance pieces, such as a bracelet, earrings and a necklace, and it’s also one of only a handful of brands to feature the coveted platinum diamond, according to Forbes.

The company has also launched a line of high-fashion jewelry, the “Marc Jacobs Collection,” which is also highly coveted by luxury brands.


Dior Dior is a well-known brand that’s known for its high-performing products.

Its high-street store chain, DDF, is known for selling high-tech, luxury items, such a “Dior-L” range that is designed to be worn under a skirt.

Its signature pieces are called the “L” line, which is designed for women who want to show off their curves.

It includes high-value pieces like an earring, a necklace and a bracelet.


Givenchy Givenchy has a reputation for offering high-cost luxury goods.

Its collection includes high fashion pieces, including a bracelet and earrings.


Durex DureX is a luxury watch brand that has been making waves since it launched its “V” line in 2014.

Its watches feature sophisticated technology, such like automatic hands and rotating faces, and they have been a favorite among celebrities.

Its “Durex One” is an extremely popular watch that has seen more than 100 million units sold.


Givenmark Givenmark has become known as one of Europe’s most prestigious brands, which makes it a natural choice to list on this article.

Its luxury line is the “DREY Collection,” a collection of high fashion watches that features handcrafted pieces that are handcrafted and handcrafted well.


Givenx Givenx has become one of European’s most expensive brands, and has been in the news a lot lately for being sued for allegedly making counterfeit watches.

The brand has had a string of high profile controversies over the last few years.

The chain has been sued for several years, and its shares are currently trading at over $300 per share.


Zara Zara is a major player in the luxury jewelry market, and one of its high profile brands is its “Zara Collection.”

Its luxury jewelry ranges include watches, bracelets, earwigs, necklaces, ear rings and jewelry.


Givench Givench is one brand that is known to have high-level luxury goods on their website, and many of the brand’s high-grade pieces are on their online store.


Louis Vuitton Louis Vuittons high-definition jewelry line has become popular recently.

Its line of luxury items includes high quality jewelry and a large collection of designer watches, which it sells on its website.


Duro Martino DuroMartino has been growing its brand over the years, so it’s not surprising that it’s on this luxury list.

The Italian company is known as the “French” brand, which means it offers a mix of high quality and high price tags.


Valentino’s Valentino has a history of making high-earning luxury items and is known by many as one the top luxury watch brands.

It recently made headlines after a number of high price-tag items were found in a shopping bag belonging to a client.


Gucci Gucci is one company that has become very popular recently, and there’s a lot of high priced high-style jewelry out there.

The luxury watch company has become an iconic brand in the United States, and brands like Gucci are the ones that are popular with people who wear high-dollar watches.


Zaha Hadid Zaha hadid, the wife of the fashion designer, is famous for her high-status fashion and has also made headlines lately.

She has a lot to offer, but her collection includes a number high-class pieces.


Zazzle Zazzles has become a big player in high-art jewelry, and a lot is made of the high-demand pieces that have been released over the year