Park lane jewellers are selling jewellery in Delhi’s iconic National Highway 816, with some users taking to the internet to advertise their wares.

The jewellery craze is a growing industry, with many people finding themselves in a rush to pick up a piece of jewellery.

It is an important part of Indian society.

A jewellery shop owner in the national capital said jeweller’s can offer jewellery at an affordable price, which makes it a popular and lucrative option for a busy Indian woman who wants to dress up in jewellery or a dress.

Many jewellars sell jewellery for up to Rs1,000.

The prices range from around Rs10,000 to Rs15,000, depending on the quality and the size.

The prices vary between different jewelliers, but the jewellery industry has grown rapidly over the last two decades.

Many shops have opened up in major cities and there are now more than 100 jewellaries operating across the country, according to the National Jewelers Association.

“We have a big selection of jewellies and jewellery that can be used for many different occasions,” said Sudhir Singh, owner of B.K.

K’s, one of the biggest jewellieries in Delhi.

“It can be a casual occasion, a wedding, a holiday, a graduation or even just for a simple ceremony.

It can be expensive but if you can afford it, it can be very expensive,” he said.

In Delhi, jewellery can be purchased for as little as Rs 1,000 and jewelleries often offer jewellas at a range of prices.

But the average price for jewellery is around Rs 1 lakh.

Many shops offer a range price, ranging from Rs1.5 lakh to Rs5 lakh.

“People are looking for things to wear for wedding, graduation, birthday parties, anniversary, and wedding anniversary,” said Shahnawaz, a Delhi-based jeweller.

“We are very good at what we do,” he added.

“The prices can range from Rs.1,500 to Rs10 lakh.

You can also find very expensive jewellery with a jewellery price tag of Rs1 lakh or more.”

While most jewellams sell jewelled wedding rings for around Rs 5 lakh, a single wedding ring can fetch up to ₹2 crore.

A jeweller in the central city of Ahmedabad said he sells jewellery worth up to 10 lakh, which is typically a good price.

“Most of the jewellery I sell is jewellery bought by the clients who are going to have their wedding.

A lot of jewelled rings go for 10 lakh,” he told The Times of India.”

Many people buy jewelled jewellery from jewellists because it gives them a sense of pride and prestige,” said another jeweller from Ahmedabad.

Many of these shops have sprung up across the city.

They are mainly in major metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmedabad, but there are also some smaller shops operating across smaller cities like Kanpur and Gurgaon.

While there are many jewellamers in Delhi, some shops are selling the same jewellery brands and prices across the state.

A couple of Delhi jewellama’s are selling wedding rings priced at ₳5 lakh, with prices up to 30 lakh.

A shop owner from Kanpur told The Indian Express that he sells the same ring in several cities and offers the same prices as the ones in Delhi and other parts of India, including in the UK.

“People are finding that jewellery does not cost as much here,” he explained.

“They are looking to wear it for a party, to wear with wedding rings, to give to friends, to send to a wedding guest.”