The supply chain for dreamland, the iconic American brand Gucci, is suffering from an influx of counterfeit Gucci merchandise.

The jewelry chain said on Tuesday that the supply chain of its jewelry is suffering an influx in counterfeit Guccis.

Gucci and its partner, Teeth, said in a statement that the counterfeit items were discovered last month in the supply chains of some of its suppliers.

They are the second and third major sources of counterfeit goods to have been discovered in the chain since March.

The counterfeit Guzzis were discovered in different parts of the supply and supply chain, but they are mainly located in Gucci’s supply chain in the United States, Gucci said.

Gucci also said the counterfeit goods are not coming from overseas.

Guccis have been in the spotlight in recent years after the brand suffered an embarrassing recall after more than 6 million pieces of its iconic earrings and bracelets failed to meet safety standards.