The Men’s Fashion industry is undergoing a renaissance, as the women’s fashion industry struggles to keep up.

In fact, the trend for men’s fashion has only grown since the mid-2000s, according to a recent study.

This renaissance began when the women-only clothing and accessories industry began to thrive, with a lot of women opting for traditional male apparel styles.

This trend continued in 2014 when the men’s clothing industry took a major hit with the death of fashion designer David Hockney.

The recession also hit the women fashion industry, as men lost their job security and access to the men-only market.

But the men and women are back together, as fashion designers, designers, and retailers continue to support each other.

The women’s apparel industry has been in a slump for the last decade, and while it is not as active as it once was, there are still many fashion designers who continue to create clothing for men, said Laura Gomes, founder and CEO of Fashion-a-Fashion.

“We’re seeing an explosion of new designs and designers that have made this fashion trend possible,” Gomes said.

“The best thing about men’s style is that it’s always evolving.”

Gomes added that the fashion industry is growing with a new generation of designers and designers continue to keep producing clothing for the men.

She believes this trend will continue to grow with new designers like J.

Crew and Louis Vuitton.

“There are a lot more designers and brands coming out every year, so you’ll see that as the industry evolves,” Gives said.

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