I know, I know.

The world is just a big world.

But when it comes to piercing jewelry, it seems like a very small place.

And there’s no shortage of choices out there, especially in terms of style.

Here’s a rundown of the top 10 best nipple piercing jewelry options right now.1.

Versace Nipple Pins 1.

VersaLuxe – VersaMax Versa Max Versa max maxx, $1,299.00 (Amazon) The most affordable nipple piercing bracelets and necklaces available.2.

Versas Lips – Versas Lip Liner and Lip Cream 1.

The Lips 3.

The Nipple Placement 4.

The Perfect Pompadour 5.

The Pompidou 6.

The Panties 7.

The Cloture 8.

The Pink Lace 9.

The Purple Lace 10.

The TrousersThe Lips is a cute little line of nipple piercing accessories.

They have a lot of cool and cute things, like a pink lipstick that makes you look like a poodle, or a necklace with a unicorn horn and a pixie cutie mark.

The lip liner has a pink color and a lip cream that is bright pink.

The lipstick and cream are super duper cute and the pony cutie marks are pretty cute.

Versacast Lip Liners and Lip Scents also have cute pony cuties.

Versamores Lip Cream is a great lip gloss and it has a cute pink color.

There are also some lip products that are made with animal-derived ingredients.

Versaco’s pink lip gloss is a bit of a disappointment.

It has a nice pink and orange color, but it’s too matte and it’s pretty tacky.

I was kind of hoping that Versacacast would offer more pigmented lip glosses like the one from PETA, but they only have a few colors.

The Versa lip cream is a little cheaper than the Versa, but the pink color is kind of too pink for me.

Versacs Lip Cream also has a small bottle of pink lip stain, which I thought was cute.

The pink lip tint is very pigmented and the pink stain is a good shade.

I think it looks a little bit more like the pink lip color from the Pink Pussycat.

Versassons Pink Lip Stain is another great lip tint, too.

Versasse Lips lip gloss has a gorgeous pink color that is just right for the lips.

Versakines Lip Cream and Lip Stick are pink lip stains that I love.

They are a little on the expensive side, but I like that they are pigmented.

Versastick Lip Scratch is a pink lip polish with a pigmented pink shade.

Versaras lip cream and lip stain have a pink and green shade.

If you love pink lipsticks, Versassets lip stain is your favorite.

Versascolts Lip Glaze is a super cute pink lipgloss.

Versalink Lip Gloss is also a really cute pink lipstick.

There’s also a pink nail polish from Versacasts.

I don’t love the pink nail lacquers, but Versas pink liplacquer is pretty good.

There is also Versas lipstick shade for pink lips.

There were a lot more pink lipstick options for $50 or more.

Verses Pink Lipstick is a pretty pink lip lipstick.

I really like the matte color of the pink lipstick, and the lipstick is a nice shade of pink that you can wear anytime.

Versafen Pink Lipgloss has a matte pink color, and Versas Pink Lip Lacquer is a beautiful pink lipstick with a shimmery finish.

Versals Pink Lip Scrub is a very cool pink lip scrub.

Versarta Pink Lip Stain is a gorgeous blue lip gloss.

There was also a Versa Pink Lacquer lip gloss for $30 that I really liked.

The shade was a cool blue, and it had a cool shimmer.

The gloss is pretty pigmented, and I really appreciate that it has matte and shimmery finishes.

Versaturas Lip Gloss and Lipstick has a shimmer-y pink lip liner and lipstick.

The Lip Glazer is a pigmentless lip gloss with a matte finish.

The nail polish is a solid pink shade that I liked.

Versasea Pink Lotion is a cool pink color for the face.

It’s a matte color with a pretty shimmery and shimmer-like finish.

I liked the pink tone of the lip liner.

Versayes Pink Lashes is a color-matching lip gloss that looks like it has been lightly used.

Versale Pink Lip Lotion has a very pink lip balm and a pink blush.

Versacy’s Pink Lip Balm is a lot less pricey than the pink Lip Balms, but you can still pick it up for a pretty good price