One of the sisters in the ad, Jennifer Simons, was born in California and grew up in the suburbs of Phoenix.

She and her sister, Ashley Simons-Ross, are sisters and share an identical twin sister.

When Simons’ parents separated, Simons went to live with her sister in the Bay Area.

After graduating from college, Simmons went to work in sales for a jewelry retailer called Aventura.

Simons became a customer-service representative in 2014, and she quickly rose to become a star.

She had a knack for asking tough questions about how the product was made and what she could get for her money.

She also was passionate about her sister’s career goals, and when she began to have health issues, she asked for help from her sister.

“I would ask, ‘Mom, are you having any problems with your neck or your neck ligaments?

Or are you getting back pain?’

And she would say, ‘No, they’re fine,'” Simons said.

“It was such a beautiful thing for us to see her as a young person struggling.”

As Simons was on the road to recovery, Simontas sisters began a long journey together.

“As I got closer to the end, I started to feel like the two of them were a really close, inseparable family,” Ashley Simonts said.

As Ashley Simon moved into her own apartment and got married, Jennifer Sims took on a more active role in the family.

She continued to help with household chores and help with the twins’ shopping and eating needs, and her mother encouraged her to pursue a career in the jewelry industry.

In 2017, Simon and Simonta were among more than 30,000 people to receive the Walmart Lifetime Achievement Award, a designation given to people who have been involved in charitable endeavors for at least 20 years.

The sisters received the same Lifetime Achievement award in 2018, when they were honored at the Walmart annual conference.

“When I’m in my 30s, I want to be the one who’s the one to tell my kids they can do this, and that’s me, so I don’t feel so much of a burden,” Ashley said.

Ashley said she and her siblings have often been reminded that their sister is the person behind their success.

“You have to keep her in your heart,” she said.

They both agree that it was the support from their mother, and the fact that their parents are supportive of each other, that made the most of the time they spent together.

Ashley and Simons say they were thankful for the support of their family, as well.

“My mother taught me so much,” Ashley explained.

“She was always so positive, always giving me support.

She always told me, ‘If you’re going through something tough, we’re going to be there for you.'”

Ashley Simson, left, and Jennifer Simont, center, celebrate with their mother Debbie Simons at the 2017 Walmart Lifetime Award gala in Atlanta.

The family also shared their thoughts on the current political climate.

Ashley Simón said they’re thankful that the current president is so supportive of the women’s movement.

“We are very proud that we have our moms and sisters here, and we are happy to see so many women being empowered and having more voices in our lives,” Ashley added.

The siblings said they still have plenty of time to share their stories and tell their story, and they hope that their story will encourage others to reach out to them.

“The more time we have, the more we can share,” Ashley told ABC News.

“If we could do it in 20 years, I’m so excited.”

The full video of the Walmart-made Walmart ad is below: