If you want to get your breast milk organizer at home, you’ll need to follow these simple steps: Get the breast milk organizers at least two weeks before you plan to donate your milk.

This can be done by taking the milk from the breast, adding it to a container, or mixing it with ice and pouring it into a plastic bag.

Put the organizers in a zip lock bag and store them in a cool, dry place.

Keep them separate from your personal items.

For example, the breast and breast milk items should not be near each other, like a dress or shirt.

Use the zip lock organizer only for storage of personal items, not food or other items.

Put it in a drawer or on a table to avoid getting it wet or getting caught in the fridge.

If you have an empty storage space, store the organizer in the refrigerator and let it freeze for up to a month.

The organizer should be kept away from drafts, heat, light, or other things that can affect the milk.

The Organizer FAQ article How do I get my breast milk storage container cleaned?

If you’ve stored your milk in a breast milk container, you can check for leaks and other problems by opening the container.

If the milk isn’t leaking, it’s probably time to get rid of the container and clean it.

Remove the milk organizer from the freezer and wash it.

Do not let it sit in the cold water for more than a minute.

Remove it from the refrigerator by putting it in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Do this every two hours.

Remove any excess milk and discard it.

Use a small dish towel to wipe off the milk storage liquid from the top and sides of the milk container.

Repeat with the other side of the breast storage container.

To clean the container, gently wipe with a dry cloth.

Do NOT use a wet cloth to clean the inside of the plastic cup holder.

You may have to wipe a little with a damp cloth.

How do you store your breast or milk storage items?

To store your milk items, use an organizer that is the size and shape you want.

For milk, a small container should be used.

The storage organizer should have a zipper that fits snugly around the top.

For food, a cup holder with a lid should be placed in the center of the cup holder and the organizer should fit snugly inside.

If your items are larger than the size of the storage organizer, you may need to use an extra-large storage organizer.

When you’re ready to sell the items, clean the storage items thoroughly with soap and water.

Do all of the above steps when you’re finished with the storage item.

If any of the items you’re storing have problems, do not store the items for too long or store them outside.

To sell items, place them in the back of the fridge or freezer for up on the shelves.

Do the same with milk.

For more information on storage, see our storage FAQ.