This question comes from a reddit user who asked the question “Which jewelry is a perfect gift for a guy who wants to get into fashion?”

The redditor was inspired by a pair of earrings made by the Chinese company Fuzhou, which has a reputation for quality and affordability.

The earrings feature a red ruby, a white pearl and a red gemstone.

The item has a beautiful design that features a round diamond-shaped gemstone surrounded by a circle of red gemstones.

“My boyfriend is into fashion and I just wanted something that would go with his suit,” the user writes.

“I wanted something to accentuate the style of his suit and to add a touch of sparkle.”

The red ruby is a bit more expensive, but it was a good fit for the pair of rings.

The gold pearl and gemstone are both solid and solid gold.

“They look like they could really add sparkle to his outfit,” the redditor writes.

The redditors’ questions and answers were posted on April 23 and 24.